Easter Preparations at our house

 Easter is the prettiest holiday as far as decorating goes.  
It's pastel colors are those I use in my home interiors so it 
makes it easy and fun to decorate.  Just a few touches and it
feels like the Easter bunny is about to walk through the door.
 A whimsical egg garland is strung across the mantel with a few vintage style 
Easter bunnies parade across the top for an Easter parade.  
Tobey and Dillon hang out with me whenever I am decorating or taking pics.
  They LOVE to be in the photos.  They are paparazzi hounds I tell you!
 I ordered this vintage Easter postcard from Etsy several years ago. 
 Its easy to tuck these beautiful cards into wreaths or prop on
 tabletop vignettes to add a sentimental vibe to the holiday.
My husband and I visited Putnam Pantry in Danvers Massachusetts yesterday
 where they are known for carrying a dizzying array of Easter candies and ready made baskets. 
 I found these little chocolate bunnies in lavender foil tied with white ribbons, 
perfect for my brand of Easter. Then off to HomeGoods for the cookie cutters 
in bunny shapes, perfect for Easter sugar cookies with frosting, 
and fun purple cupcake papers that will hold coconut cupcakes! 
Its only the beginning of the week and I have to get going....
I will be at the shop most every day so today I have to get the table set 
and finish the decorating so I can concentrate on my cooking.  
Hope you all will have a nice place to go for Easter dinner 
with a lovely Easter basket waiting for you there.

Post Script~~
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lexmart cross said...

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Muhammad Taufan said...

Nice post Thanks For Sharing :)

Mary María said...

Wooow, I love it! Enjoy the week honey!

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