A Swedish Frenchy Color Palette

Have you been singing the blues?

I find myself gravitating towards the 
scandanavian color palette lately. 
Never been fond of blues, really. 
Now they are quickly becoming a favorite.
Simple Swedish design.
French influence with white and aqua blue.
This color has me wrapped around it's finger of late.
A bit grand: more French than Swedish.
Turquoise with gold is a very current combination.
 Classic swedish grey paint with
        French toile and chicken wire detailing
French all the way
An inspired island color 
European styling in creamy yellow and white
Greige painted cabinet~so lovely
The Gustavian look again~
 and a bit of farmhouse 

This lighter color palette of whites, greys, 
creams,and soft blues have stood
 the test of time for good reason.
Its a classic look with universal appeal.

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