Romancing a Vintage Trunk

Trunk finished in vanilla and pearl whites.

I found an old trunk while on a
 recent junking trip in New Hampshire.
It was oversized, had nice hardware,
and was a complete wreck.
That was the exciting part, because it gave me
permission to have at it!
I decided I was going to paint it, line it with fabric and use it to
 store fabric remnants that have accumulated in my office.
The interior had old peeling wallpaper.
The sides were metal with wood strapping with really pretty hardware.

My dad was visiting us and was totally intrigued with my project.
He repaired the damaged metal sides by
 reattaching them with brads,
 and fixed the hinge which was broken,
while I scraped off loose wallpaper.
I applied Bin sealer primer to the entire trunk,
inside and out after a quick sanding and rub down.
The next day  it went out onto the lawn
and got a spray coating
of Rustoleum Antique White.
I didn't spray the inside because I had plans to cover it.
I was very excited about the creamy vanilla color.
The downside is how long Rustoleum takes to dry.
The following day I started to tackle the inside.
I am lining the lid with a frenchy looking
petite floral stripe in an antique pink.
Mod podge was the method I used,
and this was a first for me using it.
I will not be using it again..
I think I will stick with Elmers glue.
My 8 yearold step-son was my photographer.
My hands were covered with this gluey substance.
Rolls of precut fabric strips in romantic florals
were from Joanne Fabrics.
I decided to do a crisscross pattern overlay
 on top of the stripe.
Then I applied modpodge all over that. 
A selection of scrapbooking paper was what I planned to use for the sides.
I ran out of Mod Podge,
and since I was in the boondocks,
I decided to use Elmers Glue since there
were no craft stores nearby.
It seemed just like Mod Podge
and it ended up working out fine.
I lined the sides with the striped fabric and Elmers.
I made a patchwork out of the decorative papers
for the front and back interiors.
A blue faded toile was applied to the bottom.
A pink drapery trim for some detail was applied
with hot glue along the patchwork joint.

Isn't it pretty?
This beautiful blue glass jar filled with old buttons was picked up
that day when I went out for the Emers.
 I wanted to add buttons to the crisscross areas of patchwork.
However my big thrill was getting
the container that held the buttons.
My little helper and I got them and
some other treasures at this cool antique place.
But I digress...
which happens alot in New Hampshire whilst on vacation...
I doubled up a white button with a pale lavendar button
and hot glued them at each criss cross.
Something seemed missing to me.
The inside was full of charm and the outside seemed so plain.
I had a quart of Ben Moore Metallic Glaze in  Pearlescent White.
I decided that the strapping and hardware would get a coat!

Read: totally winging it again!
I am applying this while watching Venus Williams lose her Wimbledon match.
The pearlized straps and hardware look so pretty!
Kind of ethereal in a way.
My mother in law thinks it looks like a wedding trunk.
I can't wait to bring this home to Boston and put it in my office! 
I  am going to keep the lid open
and have it filled with my fabric samples and remnants.

Look below to see it's new home in my office.

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