do you pick one?

The best way for me to advise someone
 on which color to pick,
whether it is paint or fabric, 
without visiting their space is to tell them
 to find an inspiration point first.

A beautiful purple platter...
can be the inspiration for the room in which it hangs.

A magazine cover that you admire...
can create the color palette for your room.

A movie star's dress...
can translate into your drapery color.

A favorite toile fabric used for a slipcover....
can lead you to your wall color.

The color of a flower...
was how this swing got it's new color.

a favorite painting...
a cushion in a cheerful fabric...
or a vintage dress...
 are other items that can 
lead you to your color. 

Inspiration Points!
This designer secret is well know to the industry.
Find yours to get started and
 let the colors flow naturally.

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