Chandeliers~ Maison Decor Style

All things shabby and sweet,
 this teeny cottage has a crowning touch~ a chandelier.
I read about this cottage that belongs to
 Sandra Foster in the New York Times.
I know this is a blogland favorite~its amazing.
Crystals drip from this white iron chandy,
 while another chandelier graces a sleepy hideaway.
Maison Decor would put a chandy
 in a chicken coop if she had one.
My new favorite
This picture was taken with my iPhone at 
a boutique on Martha's Vineyard.
There is a tree outside the window in the background, 
so look closely and you can see there are
 three separate "lotus blossoms"
 of light and crystals that hang 
from an iron scrolled fixture. 
All the chain and wiring is also painted white
 and it is simply shabby chic.
The shop owner told me she thought
 it came out of an original cottage.
I ADORE this light fixture, 
but alas at $1800 it was too expensive.
However it inspires me to paint the chain and wiring 
on this vintage number I just hung in my kitchen.
This pearl and heavily beaded chandy is from Zimmans.
My home office chandelier has some crystals 
that I swapped out with pink ones from ebay.
This is a  fairly pedestrian crystal chandelier
 I bought at an auction over 20 years ago.

A pink pearl and iron chandelier, also from Zimmans,
 with wax drips on the candle holders.
I love the masculine edge of black iron
 paired with the girly pink pearls.
Frenchy style chandy with beads and crystals. (Zimmans)
Pink ribbon and pearls...(Zimmans)
Chandelier with shades! (Zimmans)
A whimsical birdcage chandy 
with colored flowers made from beads. (Zimmans)
A painted wood and iron chandy 
strikes a country note. (Zimmans)
Graceful silvered iron chandelier from Midnight Farm
Something a little bit New Orleans style
 about this teardrop chandy,
 this treasure is also from Midnight Farm.
I love sparkly chandeliers!
Don't you?

links to:

Midnight Farm is located on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts,
 right near the ferry station in Vineyard Haven.
Zimmans is located in Lynn, Massachusetts
 in an old industrial building.
My Home Office is about my  frenchy office
Sandra Fosters cottage is a NY times article

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