Christmas Inspiration

source: Martha Stewart
As I put away my Thanksgiving dinner dishes 
I am excited to think about decorating for Christmas.
Leave it to Martha Stewart to have a beautiful pink tree.
I love pink, but this tree won't be mine.

source: fabric flair
A silvery and white tree on a snowy flokati rug.
Oversized ornaments in ball, icicle and snowflake shapes
create a winter wonderland effect.

source: Country Living
A Nordic themed room dressed for the holidays.
Icy greys and whites mix with warm beige.

source: Romantic Homes Magazine
This is soft and feminine done in whites, creams and pinks.
A white tree is dreamy, but I've never gone that far.
Its a pretty look though...

source: Romantic Home Blog
I fell in love with this skinny tree decked out in dishes.
Cindy's dining room looks so pretty in 
her Christmas scheme of blue and white.
Once upon a time I had a tree in my dining room too...
Source: Martha Stewart
Martha does it again! 
A themed tree of Victorian nose gays and icicles 
with an urn as the tree holder.
This table top tree is an option for those
with limited space or decorating inclination.

source: Fresh Home
Classic traditional style with a minimum of ornaments,
however I like to load my tree up, don't you?
I think I would add some soft peach and purple ornaments.

source: Country Living
What a charming living room with this little feather tree
stealing the thunder of the large tree in the corner.
I love this idea of a darling tree on a coffee table.

source: Romantic Homes magazine
Another version of a feather tree. 
Vintage inspiration.
Ornaments hang freely for clear viewing.
I am on the hunt for my own feather tree!

Source: Country Living
I'll be decking my halls soon and needed some inspiration.
Aqua and pink will be in the mix I am sure!

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