Romantic Style Curtains...

Lauren Ross has cream silk panels hanging from black iron rods.
She has white linen slipcovered furniture, and yet ivory drapes.
I love Lauren's style and recently we have talked decorating
after someone told her about my blog!
How cool is that?
Her home is featured in The French Inspired Home book, 
however this pic came from Cote de Texas.
I find it interesting to see a home that has been styled for
a book or magazine, and then to see it in its regular state.
Back to the subject at hand: curtains!
Romantic Style curtains make me think of
pale pink or white, ruffles, and softness.
Sandy Foster's "Shabby Streamside Cottage",
 the subject of her blog,
 has overflowing lace panels 
for a deconstructed shabby look.
                                These could be tablecloths or lengths of fabric just hung up casually.
This ruffled linen panel has an edging on each ruffle.
Ruffles are popular right now...will they be too trendy?
It does hold appeal, and I can see them in pale pink.
I have enjoyed this blogland picture 
of ruffled panels hung so they 
droop and drape all over the furniture and floor. 
These panels could be simply priscilla style curtains
 like the ones I had in my purple and pink bedroom growing up,
 however not pulled back. 
Country Curtains sells this "Felicity" curtain. 
I think they used to be called "Priscilla".
Take off the tieback and if they are extra long
you will have a similar effect as the photo above.
These are just plain cotton or linen panels hung
from a wooden rod and ring. 
French book cover shot, but kind of plain to me.
These are all the colors of linen that Ballard Designs carry.
I love them all, but am attracted most to blush and mineral.
These beautiful fabrics belong to
 Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic couture line.
Rachell's guest bedroom has simple white panels
 slightly ruched and hung from rings.
My dining room has simple voile panels gathered in the centers.
I like the calmness and simplicity, yet I want something that 
is a custom design...after all it is what I do for a living.
I made these pink silk drapes for a client about 5 years ago.
I always loved them, but I would want
 a silvery pink that Rachell Ashwell has in her bedroom.
Have you seen them?

A softer pink like these..but Rachel's are silvery pink.
I think the silvery pink would be pretty with the gray walls.
I can't deny that I love pink.
Actually these walls look like mine with the white trim.

In the meantime I will be getting ready to do my
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Its a decorating book called
Romantic Style
Cicobooks has offered one of my readers this
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You will love it!
Look for this next week.
Thanks for reading my blog!

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