One Wish

My dad was admitted to the hospital last night.
I am praying he will be ok.
He was usually the one taking the pictures, 
so he isn't in a lot of them.
Thats me and my dad...and my 
big brother and a pal on a beach in Brazil.
 He is a well loved grandfather to my three sons
 and my sister's baby twins.
He did a great job being a terrific dad to his five kids.
He took us all around the world with him.
He let us pick out the biggest tree in the lot at Christmas,
and the biggest pumpkin on Halloween.
He made Easter Egg hunts for us.
He was the first one to pull out the holiday decorating boxes.
He made sure we had a life that was filled with fun and love.
He has a deep faith in God.
Will you include my dad in your prayers?

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