Lush Rooms

Take a look at these stunning rooms by
 MN designer Shelley Riehl David.
I think she has amazing talent.
 Silver velvet headboard, silver geometric wallpaper,
 zebra accent rug, bohemian bed!
The little pop of turquoise in the room set against
 the purples and silvers is so smart.
 A modern take on an Edwardian style room. 
Map wallpaper with florals and velvets and a monkey lamp.
Look at all of the accent lighting in this room.
Lots of pattern but it all seems to belong together.
 I love rooms that have elements that seem to
 come out of nowhere and match nothing. 
This frenchy bedroom has quite a bit of that.
 Lush silk draperies and bed drapes with a green floral bedspread.
 A cream damask bedcover is probably what I would 
have used to show off the beautiful bed, but it is interesting.
 A fabulous pink chaise in a room full of pattern and color. 
Palm beach high society?
 Look at the miniature pagoda on the hearth.
 Two different area rugs right next to each other~
that look is called old money look, 
because the rugs were passed down and inherited!
Here is another view~look at those window treatments. 
Two tone green silk that match the walls. 
Would you think of having a black and white damask rug with
 a yellow and pink sofa in an apple green room
 with asian accents in front of an old world mantel?
Aubergine flocked velvet walls with plum woodwork
 and irridescent plum silk drapes.
Lanterns on the walls, and a bohemian chandelier
 make for a room filled with drama.
 This designer loves draperies with tassels. 
In a bathroom narrow windows get the full treatment to
 complement the English country floral wallpaper. 
Mother's ashes must be in the little urn.
Powder blue silk drapes cascade onto the floor next to 
this most impressive carved limestone fireplace.
 Notice the darling and different floor lamp. 
Riehl likes to make a statement with drapes and lighting.
 A frenchy garden style bedroom fit for a princess. 
An old money rug with a green and pink palette
 makes this room a little more grown up. 
I am in love with that carved bed and the gilded footstool.
 Pinks and plums in velvets on walls and all the upholstery
 make for a most dramatic sitting room. 
An over sized mirror makes this small space seem grand. 
Once again lush silk draperies are used with a zebra rug.
This men's smoking room is in a Southern home.  
Wing chairs with zebra print, cranberry damask walls 
and once again silk trimmed draperies with a beaded chandelier 
take this room to another dimension.
This designer really knows how to create drama
 and give a room the WOW factor.
This is her take on French Country. 
Draperies and a window seat loaded with tasseled pillows.
Here is a kitchen she did~just a breathtaking use of color and materials.
Imagine this space without the green...elegant but predictable.
Shelly is brave and bold in her use of elements 
to create a space that says 

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