April Snow

 Wishing this was a "welcome springtime" post...
but instead April brought snow to Boston.
 Every morning Dillon needs to go for his walk. 
He doesn't like cold or wet conditions.
Neither do I. 
 The yard is covered in a wet snowy blanket.
 There are tulips trying to come up near the tree bench.
 Hopefully this will be the last snow until next Christmas....
 I am really ready to get some pots of pansies,
 the first flowers I buy at the nursery each spring.
The green of the tulip leaves are barely visible.
 Dillon has had enough and is ready to go back inside.
 I am happy I resisted putting up my spring time wreath 
and bunches of forsythia in the urns.
 It would look all wrong today.
 All of my watering cans were gathered here 
with the promise of spring and summer,
 yet here they sit frozen under snow.
Mom, let me in in!
 Little Tobey gets to run free when we take our morning walk. 
He wanders off and eventually comes back.
Being a shih tzu, he loves the snow, 
but Dillon and me~ we have had enough.

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