French Painted Furniture Details

 I always wonder when we Americans think we are 
painting our furniture to look authentically French, are we?
 I guess I won't have the answer
until I get over there and see for myself.
Until then, here are some examples
 in Country French magazine that I like.
French painted finishes~
The round table has gilded highlights on a grey paint job.
The bergere chair has a white washed or limed finish.
I love the look of both of them, 
especially when they are put together!
 I got ideas of how I wanted to paint my secretary
 by looking through Country French.
 Same room, full view. 
Check out this trumeau mirror in "Paris Grey" with gilding.
Here is a french version of a shabby chic room
 with a gorgeous trumeau mirror. 
This mirror could have been chalk painted with Paris Grey 
and then antiqued with antique wax and then gilded....
just like my secretary!
The antiqued panels have an old olive green color, 
which reminds me of that french trumeau.
All of which makes me very happy, of course!
In the meantime...
I discovered a funny thing while looking at my old back issues.
Check out the trumeau mirror on this cover shot 
for the 2010 Country French magazine.
A pretty french blue mirror with bright yellow walls and bright pink flowers.
Notice the color of the table and the chair frame....
Does it look familiar?
 It is the same image the magazine ran for interior article
in 2007 in reverse with paler colors.
The whites are ivory, the blue is grey, the bright pink is soft....
the only thing darker is the curtain rod.
 Pale and creamy palette vs colorful and vibrant.
The same room~two different palettes.
If only we all had the chance to see our own rooms done in two ways.
That would be ideal for those of us who can't quite decide. 
I used to be colorful and vibrant,
 but now I am more pale and creamy.
Which color palette do you prefer?

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