Happily Ever After

On the eve of the Royal Wedding 
my own Prince Charming and I popped a bottle of champagne.
We were celebrating 
True Love and Happily Ever After.
We had tied the knot that day in April, four years ago.
The Royal Wedding was a fantasy to watch,
and it reminded us of how we felt at our own wedding.
As my eldest son, Justin, walked me down the aisle,
 seeing my betrothed at the altar was exhilarating.
My prince stood waiting with his only brother, just like Will and Harry.
However this prince was watching the bride come up the aisle.
Our church was small and modest, unlike the Abbey.
Also unlike the Royal Wedding, 
we had a guest list of only 34 people.
This was to be an intimate affair for us,
and somehow I think Kate and Will got the same result.
Kate looked beautiful.
Our tiaras were quite similar, though mine was not Cartier.
I remember feeling beautiful on my wedding day, 
as every bride should, 
and as I watched Kate those memories came to me.
I searched for a dress that would be just right and kept it hidden 
in a closet so it would remain a secret.
Our own wedding theme was
"Happily Ever After"
Our Rehearsal cake topper was none other than
 Cinderella and her Prince Charming.
Our wedding was our own private fairy tale come true.
Candlesticks at the rehearsal dinner 
were tied with Happily Ever After ribbons.
Even our wedding rings have the inscription:
Happily Ever After
I married my Prince Charming on April 28, 2007.
The best day of my life.

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