Bedding fit for a Queen

 This ornate bedrooom set is from Horchow Collection as is the bedspread.
Sometimes you need custom made items to finish off the look, and in this case 
my client wanted custom pillow shams that would be overstuffed and 
make a good backdrop for some elegant toss pillows.
 I suggested using a brown velvet and
designed a one edged cascading ruffled sham,
 so that when they were fit together,
 the ruffle fell to either sides of the bed.
We plan to cover the regular king pillows in
 dark brown cases so they blend in behind the shams.
Upholstery velvet was used and welting made for a polished look.  
An overlapping back method was used to insert the sham from behind.
 Extra stuffing was added to give it a full look.
Velvet is tricky to work with because it has a nap, 
and if you don't cut it all in the same direction,
when you sew it together it will look like two colors. 
Each piece needed to be marked for nap direction
prior to cutting and then referenced before stitching.

After finishing the shams I hit Home goods and returned  
to my workroom with an assortment of pillows I thought would
suit the bedding and the room's color palette 
and look pretty with the chocolate shams.
We didn't end up using the chocolate brown tosses, but kept the rest, 
after setting them up on the bed and seeing what looked best. 
Always buy more than you need, it is so much easier
 to return what you don't want, than to go looking for other options.

 I rarely make custom toss pillows because I am confident
 I can find great examples at Home Goods for a fraction of the cost,
 and in this case I was lucky to find tosses in luxe colors and styles.
 Coppery peach silk squares with giant 
peach colored diamonds in the ruched centers~
 Melon rectangle pillow with a triple ruffle embellishment
 was the exact color of the ceiling.
The tray ceiling is highlighted in a canteloupe color.
 Animal prints, rich dark woods with gold highlights,
 and citrus shades in rust, copper, brown, orange, and melon
make for a very exotic and rich bedroom. 
I was almost feeling like a Million Dollar Decorator!
 Beyond the armoire you can see the bathroom window treatment I did last year.
This bedroom set has old world styling.
Customized shams and the perfect find for toss pillows make this bedroom complete.
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