Two tone fat french table

 Come on in and check out the face lift on the fat frenchy table.
 It used to be painted palladium blue by Ben Moore.
It started off like this when I grabbed it at the Salvation Army.
Here it is in the Palladium Blue with gold accents.
Now with the grey and white coffee table, it seemed
like I needed to calm down the little fat french table so as not to compete.

 I did Old white chalk paint,
 then I used Natural Wicker by Ben Moore in the panels. 
No wax. 
The colors look nice with the marble top.
Should it be gilded or distressed? 
What do you think, I am not sure given the grey coffee table.
A softer look all in all, let me know if I need to do more with it.
Soon I will get to work on those pink columns. 
They will be going back outside~ 
a reader suggested I bring them indoors
 but they are too short for my taste.
I do love the color, it almost matches the 
bookcases and goes nicely with the carpet.
But I have tried them all around the house,
 and they are destined for the garden after all.

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