Custom Painted Furniture etc

Part of our growing business here at Maison Decor is doing 
custom painted furniture for clients and decorators.
Colin is using one of our new Annie paint brushes and 
we love how nicely these brushes work and apply the paint.
Of  course we paint a LOT of furniture and in the course of 
doing so we have a couple of things to share with you.
 This is not a custom job~its a french bed that I bought 
as part of building a display area for the new Annie Sloan 
fabric collection.  This bed has seen better days 
and you see how yucky it looks~it needed a paint job
for sure! I imagine this bed to one day 
be in a girls bedroom~its so darling.
The footboard is curved and it was just the thing
 to hide the radiator in the front window.
I built a small dummy bed out of lightweight wood 
that would serve as the mattress.
 I decided to shellac the entire thing before we painted it 
because I felt it would probably end
up bleeding due to the discolored look of the finish.  
If you encounter bleed on a piece, which means
your lovely Chalk Paint finish is turning brown or streaky with pink~
Get the Zinsser Clear Shellac and apply a coat. 
It dries quickly then you can resume with your Chalk Paint finish.
 Colin came home to help as he often does on weekends to make a little
cash~and I set him to the task of bed painting!
The bed was looking soooo much better painted!
A pretty rose applique was added to the headboard~
I had given up trying to save the decal applique that was there.
This little detail would make the bed very girly and frenchy!
 The perfect touch to go with the new 
Annie Sloan Normandie Toile draperies and pillows.
 I also wallpapered the niche to add a little extra oomph~
this paper is another great example of what you can find at Lowes!
I am not sponsored by Lowes~I just stumbled across their limited but nice
selection last year and I love how elegant some of their damask papers are,
and how wonderful the prices are too.
 The window vignette is getting installed~
its always amazing at what a difference
custom draperies make in a space! 
This toile is a dusky lilac and it is very pretty.
Our bed~I need to add a fat puffy base and work on the bedding some
more, but here it is at this point. I painted a white and gilded mora
for the bedroom nook too~
and will soon have Mr. Maison Decor electrify the chandy.
I started out talking about our custom furniture painting services that we 
offer and this table base is an example.  A decorator referred her client to us 
with a brown wood  coffee table base.  They were looking for a way to update
their table to use it in their redecorating.  So it got a French Linen paint job
with a dry brush finish and then a touch of gilding~
Its light and airy and elegant now!
One piece that is not custom is this large antique dresser.
 I begged Betsy to give me these numbers that
 she worked on for Miriam's chairs.
Since she had the No. 2 drafted and ready to 
go I used that on the second drawer 
for an embellishment.
I used chalk on the back of the paper
and then taped it to the drawfront and drew over the 
outline of the No. 2 leaving a chalk impression.
 Then I hand painted it with Old White Chalk Paint. 
After that I distressed it back to reveal some of the mahogany
finish and it came out like this~
It is a handsome piece~
 Another before and after with Chalk Paint
 is this danish cabinet that sold quickly.
It had a quirky look with some green stripes 
and then a black outline that looked like
giant eyebrows~
I hated how that looked...
I added an applique and did a coat of Old White Chalk Paint.
It needs to be finished~but you get the idea of how 
great furniture can look with the right paint job.
So if you are looking for a custom painter~
and you are in the Boston area, give Maison Decor a call!
 I have a rocking chair to do, a large dining room table 
and this latest piece~
a hope chest that will go from cutesy to
 elegant with a French Linen coating.
 Of course you can join me at one of my 
furniture finish workshops and give it a go for yourself!
Until then~
I'll be blogging and painting and trying to keep up!

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