Gatsby Dresser~mix your own colors with Chalk Paint®

 The latest painted project from Maison Decor is our Gatsby Dresser.  Its one of our favorites to date!  We wanted to mix a vibrant turquoise color and so we used two of the colors in the Chalk Paint® color palette:  Florence and Provence.  Both beautiful alone but we wanted this dresser to have a color that was as special as its lines and details. From the hardware to the extra fancy details this one had us at hello.  Colin landed the project and he had his first time at mixing up the right shade of, you get what I'm trying to say, right?   I have a bunch of pics on my iphone and they are all distorted when I tried to upload them onto this blog platform. Not sure why~so instead of subjecting you to fatso images that look a bit fun house nutso, we will just leave it at this simple post of one pretty image and one that is a bit distorted (below).  
 After Colin mixed up the paint colors he painted two coats, let it dry overnight, then he distressed it around the edges and the details and applied a mix of dark and clear wax with a liberal hand.  Wiped it all off right away. I added some King Gold gilding wax for the final touch~ leaving behind a perfectly finished vintage cabinet that we find might just have come out of the movie we saw two nights ago The Great Gatsby!  The colors in the movie were all so intense and saturated and there was plenty of gilding too.  What inspiration!  We hope someone finds this dresser inspirational and decides they cannot live without it...just like Jay Gatsby needed Daisy Buchanan... we however,  are hoping for a happy ending for this little Maison Decor production. 

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