Making more Beautiful! Frottage, Classes and Accessories

The guys and I have hit the ground running with our new store 
at 150 Main in Reading Massachusetts. For those of you 
who can't pop in and check out the shop, I took a bunch of pics yesterday
to give you a feel for the interior.  We were expecting a large order 
of decorative home accessories and were anticipating creating
 some changes in the shop to showcase some of these items.
We unwrapped these "Poppy" lamps and as soon as we plunked them 
down on the sideboard in the front window it made for a happy feeling! 
 I like to use a little new with a little old in my decorating style and
 these lamps are the perfect example of that.  So come check 
out the whirlwind we had going on and some of  the results. 
The entire wall along one side of the shop is our vignette wall. 
This is where we will showcase pieces of furniture and create mini rooms with 
accessories so shoppers can imagine it in their own homes. The styles 
will vary depending upon what inspires us at the moment~so expect to see an 
ever changing scene with all types of decor like Vintage, Farmhouse, 
Boho-Chic, French (of course!) and more~
The guys were busy creating a vignette around this Paris Grey dresser.
Its been interesting to me to have all of our ideas flowing and then coming
up with a display based upon many thoughts.
I didn't take a pic of this finished vignette though!! We were so busy doing
so many things at once I forgot...but it came out really nice.
See that blue tape next to Colin? That was the focus of most of the afternoon.
 And it would involve this.....newspaper! Not reading it but using it 
with Chalk Paint® to create a wall treatment called Frottage. 
Its in Annie Sloan's newest book, Colour Recipes.
 We were dying to do this technique~so here is what we did.
 The guys did a base layer of Coco Chalk Paint. 
Very quickly they rolled on a thinned out layer of paint.
 It looked pretty cool just like this~but we had plans. 
You can see our Library table in Country Grey Chalk Paint in the foreground.  
This will be set against the Frottage backdrop. 
We wanted to have a green color and a two tone layer, so we started with Coco Chalk Paint.
 Then a layer of Chateau Grey Chalk Paint was applied. 
 I told Colin to put on gloves as I thought it was going to be really messy...
but it was not. So you don't need gloves to do this!
 While the Chateau Grey was wet Justin took sheets of crinkled newspaper 
and rubbed it all over and then pulled it off. The paper pulls off some of the 
paint revealing the under layer.  It was a quick and easy technique that gives 
a rustic look~just what we were looking for!  
You can read more in a step by step format in Annie's book Colour Recipes 
(we sell it in both our store and online shop).
 This is how it came out after we added the furniture and some accessories in place.
 Justin kept adding pieces until he got the Vintage Library look he wanted.
How about putting old books in a garden planter?
We loved how the Gilded antique frame turned into a chalkboard
 looked against this Frottage wall! 
 Bits of black and gold really pulled this vignette together.
Mirrors were hung~we continue to add to our vintage wall mirror collection.
More lamps were unpacked and put on the floor. Artwork too.
 Lamps can add so much personality to home decor! 
 We love layering things....put artwork 
on the wall and have a lamp in front,
 and then tabletop items in front of the lamps.
This vignette has a seagreen/blue theme.
 Rustic elements like garden accessories or this 
plank board french botannical give a country chic feel to home decor.
 Rooster lamps in black and gilded rustic frames of antique style french serving 
pieces were added to this sideboard vignette.
A big old clock goes well in any room!
So there you have it~some of our new additions to Maison Decor Reading.
Of course we are always selling furniture~and its not always painted either!
This wonderful french fall front desk was just the piece our customer Heather
needed for the end of her living room that has a library feel.  Its going to get styled 
and I will share how it all comes together next time. 
I think it will make a great
bar for entertaining at parties in this space.
An advanced techniques class has been added to the workshop list.
Read more about it at our online shop
 We have a fantastic space for our classes and our first
 Chalk Paint® Introductory class was held last Sunday with a sell out group. 
 The August class has been scheduled if you want to join us!
Learn how to make your pieces more beautiful!
Its fun and exciting and I have seen amazing results from my students.
Until next time~
Shop online for Annies new book here as well as register for classes


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