Creating our Fall Window Display, Classes and Buy Chalk Paint Online!

Hey, Guess What?!
We are finally selling Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan online!! 
Justin spent a lot of time getting this up and running! 
We are still selling at the LOWEST minimum retail price of $34.98 a quart! 
For all of you who have asked, we listened! 
Visit our online store here for Chalk Paint® and many other goodies! 
As a small business it takes us a little bit longer to get it going 
sometimes as we have a lot going on with the new shop opening.
 We will be adding the waxes online very soon and 
I will let you know right here when we do!
 The seasons are flying by and summer was coming to an end quickly.
The guys and I decided to observe Labor Day 2013 by closing the store to the 
public but putting in a day of labor at the shop creating a fall display.
Our base plan was to bring in our fantastic industrial table as the anchor
for the window display as well as our industrial cart.  We knew we wanted
to use our vintage luggage and trunks for the big pieces in the display 
and then fill in around them using rustic touches of merchandise.
Justin and I had hung up more than a half dozen chandeliers in anticipation
of this display the week before.  I love the Rough Luxe look~
mixing a bit of refined with the rustic will take you in that direction.
 Colin rolled out the industrial cart towards the front display.  
These carts are very popular as coffee tables and sell for 
almost $1000 at Restoration Hardware! 
We talked about using some hay, but instead we used 
shredded cream colored paper
to give some softness to the display and fill in and around the hard items.
 Justin set up a rustic wooden ladder at the end of the table 
and started working it into the display.
Gathering disparate items can create visual excitement,
 and you can do these same things at home
for creating little vignettes for seasonal displays.  
 Anything that was brown, cream, tan, or black was considered for our display. 
 Not only did it have to give the feeling of fall but we needed 
to have it work as a place to display retail items for shoppers to buy.  
Already, in less than a week, many of these things have been sold!
Since I am working as a "pinner" for HomeGoods, I incorporated some of 
their soft fabric textured pumpkins into the display.  Nothing says fall more
 than a pumpkin! I bought all these fabric pumpkins up at HomeGoods....
they have lots to pick from, but I love the neutral colored variety~
and as I walked through the store with my cart I was asked more than once, 
"Where did you find those pumpkins?"
I knew these little guys were a good thing!! 
 Another fabric pumpkin from HomeGoods~love this guy!  
 As I was snapping away while we built the display in stages, 
I caught the guys assessing how it was coming along. 
 Just like decorating at home, you try things out, step back, 
look and see how it feels and then make changes 
if you think something doesn't feel right. 
 A few more little bits here and there~we added little shafts of wheat 
into our glass bottle and chicken wire carriers. 
Here was our container with sprigs of lavender last month.
 These are chic farmhouse style containers and its so easy to change the look for 
each season just by switching out a few flowers in the bottles.
We will be adding these online soon and we have three different styles.  
Lots of goodies to pick from on the table.
Like these Rustic European journals~a nice table top decor item.
You can find this in our online shop for $11.95!

One of the large leather suitcases was filled with twig and moss garland rolls,
perfect for wrapping around a front door or window. 
 I would weave little white lights through
the twig garland for an elegant yet rustic look. 
Older suitcases like this monogrammed
brown and tan pair look fantastic sitting up onto of 
an armoire, or under a console table.
The guys were smiling at me as I started taking the finished display photos.
We all loved how it came together.  The floor is a great backdrop too.
 Lots of fabric pumpkins mix in with burlap bottles, 
vintage wooden walking sticks, a rustic tin teapot lamp and glam chandies!
Remember that adding texture is half the interest in a vignette if you are
working with a mostly neutral palette.
The finished result~
Have you started adding bits of fall around your house yet? 
 Its easy to do with a little bit here on a table top in the entryway 
or on a kitchen windowsill~we don't go hog wild with fall decorating
 in our home, but we do put a large rustic wreath on our front door 
and have little vignettes on the mantle and the coffee table. 
Our kitchen window is also another area I like to add seasonal touches.  
Get out a get yourself a few things to give your home that fall feeling!  
And if you shop from a small business owner, 
you can be sure they appreciate your business~I know we do!!
I am teaching a workshop today and we have one more spot in the 9/28 class. 
 I will be adding October classes soon. We are also excited to 
offer a Mens Only Workshop, taught by men for men!
You can register online and read more about the classes we offer.
 In addition we have a fantastic Artisan Enhancement Workshop 
where we will be doing the Transfer Gel, Pearl Plaster, and Crackle Finishes! 
You should see our samples of what you can do to your furniture 
with these products in conjunction with Annie's paint. 
It is beyond beautiful!
Justin and I recently attended a Retailer Training Workshop 
to get up to the minute techniques on these products. 
 See how serious I am,....soaking up everything my little brain can handle!
Justin is sitting right next to can see his Red Sox hat.
Anyway we were very impressed with the results of these products!
Visit our online shop to purchase these products 
or to sign up for our class in early October!

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