Specialty Workshops added to our lineup!

At Maison Decor in Reading Massachusetts we have become known
for our fantastic Chalk Paint® Introductory Workshops.
 We started in Malden, Massachusetts....
 and then this year moved to Reading.....
and have taught hundreds of people how to use Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan!
  These are comprehensive workshops, so many find them to be just
what they are looking for.  Not for just basic info on how to use Chalk Paint,
but also how to learn as much as they can about using it on all types of furniture
in lots of different ways. They sell out in advance
and so we are usually trying to add more of those.  After our students
are graduates (!) of a Maison Decor Intro Workshop, they are often
asking to go to the next level.  We have been getting the store ready since
we opened in July (I know! It takes a while!) so we haven't had many
extra advanced workshops.  Until now.
We are pleased to offer a focused workshop on metallics.
Adding just a bit or a whole lot of metallic to your project
can make quite a difference. And there are so many ways to do it!
We will have a three hour workshop dedicated to metallics
on Thursday December 12th, so if you are interested sign up now
as this is a smaller than normal class.
 We will be using the wonderful Pearl Plaster by Artisan Enhancements....
which has so many uses it is truly an exciting way to add a pearlescent luster to your pieces, 
whether its though a stencil or brush!
 We will use all the gilding waxes and pastes and explore the various ways of application.
From fingertip to brush to creating washes~oh yes, this is an affordable product line that can 
be a game changer!
 Using stencils in the class we will see how to create metallic effects for both furniture and walls.
 So if you are interested in exploring the world of metallics, this is the class for you!
We will be adding a Workshop dedicated to all the crackling techniques and product lines as well.
A mini how to wax workshop is also on the new list of workshop additions. Take an hour on your lunch break and come in and get a semi-private instruction on how to do it right!!


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