Christmas Roundup

The table was set for our Christmas Eve dinner.
 Greens were hung from the blue opaline chandelier and sconces!
 A taffeta plaid table cloth made out of a few yards of decorator fabric 
set the festive and joyous mood.  English Crackers are a must 
for the festivities every year! It makes for a fun night of paper crown wearing 
and silly joke telling during dinner.  This year's jokes were particularly funny!
 Sharing a few candids from our family Christmas~mom and dad, these are for you!
As most parties, we started off hanging out in the kitchen....
my boy's dad, Barry, joins us for Christmas Eve with his GF as
does my sister Ellen and her hubby Mike.
Me and Mr. Maison Decor love hosting our family on Christmas Eve!
 Our Christmas tree was looking splendid, here with brother in law, Mike.  Years and years of ornaments adorn this tree.  Many passed down from generations, and a few boxes I purchased from vintage vendors to add to our collection. I love the look of older ornaments on a tree.
Dinner was ready~so I poured some red wine and Colin lit the candles. 
I didn't think I got any photos of us all at the dinner table 
because we were busy eating and laughing and telling jokes 
but Justin got a few on his iPhone while we were eating.
 After dinner, many kept their paper crowns on during kitchen clean up.
My sister and mother in law, to name a few of the party revelers!
Another fun shot of Cracker Crown wearing family members!
The boys love their auntie El.
Cheese cake anyone?
Deserts and a few gifts were in order~
there is my hubby back at the desert table in the background!
Those Swedes love their sweets!
See that blue opaline glass on the table to the right?
Its my special glass that I use only for special occasions.
I am scared I will break it and so I only use it at Christmas and Easter.
I have a set of six that I got when I bought the opaline chandy and sconces.
A delightful little snowman/snowglobe that lights up from Barry made us all smile.
We save most of our gift opening for Christmas morning, 
but we do open some with the family members that come to the 
Christmas Eve dinner and won't be sticking around til morning. 
 Justin looked handsome in his Christmas tie. 
When the boys were young I started giving them ties to wear on Christmas Eve.
 They were coordinated ties, not matching ones. 
This years ties were black, white and red or some variation of the three colors. 
Mr. Maison Decor gets one too.
Tiny little wreaths in green with red bows sit on a black tie. 
I am a big fan of plaid too~so the boys ties were just that.
Before we knew it the night had come to an end and our guests had departed.
Now we would just wait for one more to arrive....
and come he did!!
 Justin was the last to get up and join the gang around the Christmas tree.
 Colin and Dillon
 Dillon gets a bone from his mommy!
Lots of laughs and gifts and that good family stuff....
goofing off and feeling grateful to be together. 
So from our family to yours, we hope you had a joyous Christmas!
 We look forward to bringing in the New Year, 
with more to share on home decorating, and our adventures growing 
our business and all that comes with that.  
Justin and I will be headed to Atlanta in January to the big gift market 
to hunt down things for our store while Colin holds
 down the fort along with Madison,  Justin's fiance. 
She will be getting more involved with our family business 
letting me have some more time to be at home and 
get back to decorating and blogging and all that good stuff! 


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