Transfer images using Transfer Gel

Using Transfer Gel can be super fun! 
You can create amazing results
using a free image found online and this incredible Transfer Gel.
It is a bit tricky and at the end of this post you can read
a link that offers some step by step help.
We are having an advanced workshop next month 
showing how to do transfers as well as some other decorative
techniques.  This takes pieces beyond just paint,
it adds a decorative element that takes a project up a notch.

We get our free clip art and graphics from the Graphics Fairy online. 
 These two valentine graphics
would be fun to use for Valentines Day.  
You could paint an old metal cookie tin with 
Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan and then
 transfer this graphic right on the lid and fill the container
 with home made cookies or store bought chocolates.
 Add a handwritten note in the center~
add a monogram for your beloved~or decoupage a photo.
This heart frame has so many possibilities! 
 Its also free, from the Graphics Fairy!
You can see two transferred images on the boards above
taken from one of our Maison Decor Transfer Workshops.
My friend Kristy at the 4 the love of Wood blog transferred this image
by hand using a different technique that was done by hand.
 You can achieve this same effect using the transfer gel. 
I love how this chest came out, however I prefer to do it the easier way 
using our Transfer Gel, instead of all that hand tracing.
Read the detailed tutorial on how Justin and I transferred colored
images onto the doors of an old armoire and finished it off to
create an antique looking hand painted piece, using the Transfer Gel.
Come by the shop and look at the various examples we have
of transferred images using Transfer Gel. We sell sample sizes of the gel
so you can knock out a few projects 
and buy just the amount you need.
To purchase Transfer Gel online SHOP here.
 there are two spots left for our February 2nd class.

oh and one more thing....
we just got our shipment of Aunt Sadie's candles today! 
They are made in Vermont and Justin is friends
with the owners of this popular candle line as 
they used to live in Boston near him.
Anyway, a lady walked into the shop a few minutes ago and loved
the smell!  We were burning our Paris candle~
Justin showed her the line and there is one scent
we couldn't resist cuz its incredibly real.
The Tomato on the Vine scent!! It really smells 
like you are in your garden smelling your tomatoes!
So she bought both candles right on the spot 'cause they are that good.
Find them online at 
and in our brick and mortar store too 
all for the low fabulous price of $17 each.


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