Creating a Feature Wall the Easy Way!

 Here is a sneak preview of the finished feature wall 
I created in the entrance of our shop. 
The guys built a wall for us to have more interior display space 
and it has been really wonderful in that regard. 
We can create little vignettes showcasing different things on every 
side of the new wall, which is an L shape.  
And just like in your home, sometimes you have an area where 
you might want to make a statement using wallpaper or a contrast paint color. 
 Its a great decorator trick, and whats nice about it is that you only have to do one wall!  
 I have a way of making the feature wall even easier without losing any panache. 
 Check out how I transformed this entry wall in a matter of minutes, 90 to be exact.  
 When you enter the shop, there is now a nice taupe colored wall 
that we display one of our pieces of furniture.  Nice, but kind of vanilla, right?  
As I often do, I kind of mentioned to Justin one day during 
work that I intended to do a stencil pattern on our front wall, 
in anticipation of some of our new furniture we purchased at market. 
 After my announcement, I showed him my idea, and he said, 
well its not exactly my thing, but if you wanna do it~go for it.
  He stayed in the back working on whatever he was doing as I set up the ladder.
 Besides the ladder, all I needed were a few things: 
 A big wall stencil, some tacky repositionable spray (at Michaels)
 to hold the stencil in place, a sample of Pearl Plaster, 
a brush for stenciling the pattern and a level. 
 I did not use the painters tape as the spray worked great holding it in place.
 I used a level to put the stencil in the center at the top of the wall. 
Before I placed it into position, I found the center point of the wall 
and then held the level up to draw a straight line North to South. 
 Since this was clearly a one woman job with Justin staying out of it,
 I wanted to make sure I got the stencil straight. 
Using a level is a necessary step and it takes two minutes.  
You can erase the pencil line when finished with the wall. 
 Do not eyeball this part! Trust me. 
Your stencil pattern can start going off kilter 
as you continue on with each placement.
 This shows the second time I stenciled the pattern, 
lining up the tracing marks that are on the plastic of the stencil.  
This is a large stencil, and the pattern is large too, 
without a lot of intricate cut outs, you can get the paint or in my case,
 the Pearl Plaster applied to the wall quickly.  
Pearl Plaster is great for stenciling as it doesn't drip, 
and it gives a luxurious look without being too over the top.
 See my little sample of Pearl Plaster on my ladder? 
I would lightly add some pearl to the brush and then rub
 it off inside the lid so I didn't have too much material on the brush, 
and then I stenciled the pattern.  It was moving right along!
 AFter I had my center row finished, 
I did the row to the left and then the right.
 Finished result was this~you can see Justin still hanging 
in the back while I was snapping away and loving the new wall!! 
Whats the old saying? Mother knows best!? 
Yup, I was pretty sure this was going to look 
fantastic with our new Linen Settee in front of it.
You can easily do this project in just a few hours 
and with just a sample of Pearl Plaster.
Our beautiful stencil was done with the
 Large Acanthus Trellis Stencil by Royal Design Studios.
We carry both products in our shop and in our online store!  
Of course you can use any stencil, or paint for that matter, 
if metallics are not your thing. 
And how about that settee? 
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