More Furniture Fabulousness with Moldings and Appliques

We decided to carry Efex moldings and appliques at Maison Decor after trying 
them out. I did a mantle makeover using the Efex moldings and was blown away!
So I wanted to do another project, and one I could keep in the shop to 
show customers how awesome these moldings and appliques are.
An old oak bookcase I bought at auction a few months ago has been
in our warehouse.  This would make an ideal display case for Efex decorative
moldings. No, this bookcase turned display case was not an old french piece,
it was as basic as they come, and was a bit worn out looking before I transformed it.
 Yup~here it is in the before photo, but at this point Colin had cut pegboard and removed 
the shelves and attached the pegboard to the back of the bookcase.  He started painting the interior
with Graphite Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan when I realized I didn't have a before pic.
 While Colin painted the interior, I applied the contact cement to both the decorative strip molding as well as a pair of decorative drops on each side and then for good measure I added a beaded molding at 
the top of the crown area.
 It only takes 15-20 minutes to wait for the contact cement to set up before you put the molding 
onto it's intended surface.  Then after an hour I started painting it with Paris Grey Chalk Paint.
  This is my instagram photo of it in progress.  If you want to catch some behind the scenes Maison Decor stuff and you do instagram, you can follow me at amymaisondecor or  you can follow the store at shopmaisondecor.  It was looking amazing as soon as the paint was covering the moldings!
 After it was done, I wanted to step it up a bit, and do some of that layered moldings I see
on old world pieces via pinterest searches or in magazines.
Look at how these moldings are laid over one another. 
 It inspired me to do the same with the bookcase display.
I just traced the area around the applique into the position I wanted
and then added cement to both surfaces over the other moldings and 
onto the wood part of the bookcase. It easily attaches to the other moldings 
and what a fabulous look!! I have another project I plan to do next
as this was so exciting to create and watch this simple bookcase
take on the look of an old world piece.
I used to shell style pieces to bookend a rose swag that I turned upside 
down. Normally that piece would be mounted as a smile shape,
not an eyebrow shape.  
I could have easily done the entire top in a layered mode,
but instead its a centerpiece.
The finished case holding the Efex moldings.
Painted in Paris Grey Chalk Paint and then clear and dark wax finish.
Its exciting stuff!  My mantle inspired a lovely customer to come in the shop
and get a bunch of moldings to do hers.  We talked about how best to fit
the pieces on her mantle, and I hope to share her results right here.
What was kind of bizarre was after talking, her brother works 
with my husband on the police force and the same shift! 
Recreate your pieces using Efex moldings like I did with this bookcase and my mantle.
 Its as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!


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