The palatial home of a Stockholm stylist

A Friday home needs to be just a little dramatic doesn't it? Something awe-inspiring that sets us in the mood for the weekend. I knew I'd found it when these images dropped into my inbox last night. This inner-city Stockholm apartment belongs to stylist Joanna Lavén who (represented by agent molly), her husband and two children.  The architecture itself is something of a masterpiece. And as for the decorating, she had me at the hallway....

Agent molly, ,, Photographs: Idha Lindhag with kind permission

Wow. I'm not sure where to begin actually. I guess what I love the most is that she has brought mid century up to date. Sort of mid-century meets tribal meets grey marble meets industrial. And there's that grey bed linen which is oh so popular right now too. 

How fabulous. What do you think?

I am  currently awaiting the arrival of Holly Marder (Avenue Lifestyle blog), photographer Jansje Klazinga and Tina from TravelingMama  who are coming over to shoot my home today. So exciting! I think we're going to have lots of fun and I can't wait to show you the results.

So. It's time for the weekend! Yay! Have you got any great plans? I think I'll spend the weekend relaxing (it's amazing how much work goes into getting a house ready for a shoot - phew!!! 

Before I head off - something cool, have you ever wondered what your name would be if you were Finnish? Now you can find out here. My name is Ritva Männistö (meaning A hanging branch. Home of pine trees)! 

Have a really wonderful weekend and see you Monday! 

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