Downton Annie

This is our parody of Downton Abbey
in honor of Annie Sloan and the amazing
French Chateau that I stayed in with some
fellow Annie Sloan Stockists.
I couldn't help but relate the setting to the
big mansion in Downton Abbey.
And so I came up with the idea to shoot a mini
movie using my iPhone right before we left 
the Chateau for Versailles.
My fellow stockists were all onboard,
so we got the music to the PBS show on 
one of the ladie's iPhones and then came up with the 
plan of what everyone should do as the 
camera crew came through each space.
It was all done in one take.  Everyone was 
awesome and we tried our best not to laugh as
we shot the film.  I shot the first episode with 
Andrea Young following behind me carrying the
music that played from her phone. 
The 2nd episode had Janet Metzger behind
the camera with Kathie Jordan assisting with
the music.  It was so much fun!
When I got home I put it together using
iMovie on my laptop, and added the commentary. Turning it
into a mystery seemed to be appropriate.
 After the subtitles were completed, I  loaded it onto
YouTube to create a movie that could be shared.
I hope you all enjoy this movie~
Annie Sloan LOVED it!!


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