Palace Doors~Make your own!

After visiting Versailles I came home quite inspired.  
This is a room in Marie Antoinette's casual palace, the Petit Trianon. 
As you can see its more formal than how most of us live, 
but if you could take away one decorating idea, 
I think it would be the molding.
Look past all the gilding and brocade and you will see 
the most beautiful moldings on walls and doors and fireplace surrounds. 
The moldings in the small country palace were painted in muted colors
 with the raised relief in white.  This inspired me to want to build my
 own palace door as a wall decoration.  Why not?
 Large artwork is hard to find, 
and I like the idea of hanging a door on a big wall, 
or propping it up as a display piece as it makes a great backdrop
for that empty corner of the room.  
I had a few old doors in the shop and last week Gina and I transformed
 it into a Palace Door using Efex appliques and Chalk Paint. 
 Check it out!
 This is a finished shot of the bottom of the door. 
This shows how the Efex appliques look after we attached them
to the door. 
 Another view looking at the bottom of the door.
 The door was an old white door,
we did not prep or repaint, we used the white base
as our starting point.  Gina and I played
around with the Efex in different combinations.
You can use scissors to trim the pieces to fit perfectly.
 After coming up with something we thought
would look good, we painted the Efex with Pure White
Chalk Paint so it would match the door color.
I don't have pics of that part. We added some
texture using crackle, but that is an optional step.
The Palace Doors in Versaille were really
not very crusty looking!  I just like things a little
bit more rustic, so we added some texture with
a crackle medium. Then we applied a custom mix
of Paris Grey and Pure White over the entire door.
 Its pretty amazing how you can transform something using these Efex.
This is my mantle, and it is done in a traditional, not rustic style.
It is a Benjamin Moore paint over the entire thing, in a white semi-gloss.
See the options you have to create different looks?
 We love our Palace Door and will be offering a workshop in January
at Maison Decor to anyone who wants to haul in a door and create this look.
You can choose from our inventory of Efex and create the door of your dreams.
 If you want to make your own Palace Door using Efex
check out our online shop featuring these amazing latex appliques.
We will be spending Wednesday through Friday with our families
this week for Thanksgiving preparation and celebration.
However we will be there Tuesday if you need to grab a hostess gift
or some paint!  And on Saturday we will return with a store wide
sale as it is SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY!  For the first time ever
we will have almost everything in the shop on sale, including Chalk Paint!
See you then!


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