Catching up with Christmas

 Our Holiday store hours
We'd love to see you, but check our hours as some days
we have trimmed back the hours, and other days we are closed
to spend more time with our families.
All I want for Christmas is more time!
Do you feel that way?  I am so far behind with
our own Christmas tree and shopping. Its going to be
a much simpler affair this year.  No big dinner, as we won't have 
half of our kids with us this year, and my sister and her hubby 
switch off to go to his side of the family.  Many families
have to share people, and this is one of those years where we
don't get to have everybody.  Even so, I guess its for the best
as I am not prepared at home anyway.  But I have been plugging 
away in the early morning hours, and so it does finally feel 
like Christmas!  We picked out our tree and its a fat chubby
Balsam.  But it took us almost a week to put lights on it...
and then another four days to do anything else.
So that is when I decided the tree would be very simple.
White lights, snowflakes and some sequin swirling strands that my
store manager, Gina gave me after I admired them in a door swag at her home.
Well I think they saved the day this morning!  They make the tree shimmer and
add a festive note.  There are about 5 blue vintage glass ornaments and thats it!
Simple and done.  I think its the way to go~so all those boxes I lugged down from
the attic crawl space can go right back up there.  Perhaps this is the new way
for us.   Have you paired down too?  Its a busy busy world and if you don't
have a staff running your home, I guess stuff doesn't get done!
So that is why I want Santa to bring me more time....
On with the merry merry! I will hopefully get some time to take some
photos and share them here before the holiday is over.
We had a busy day at the shop yesterday, as people are tying up their shopping.
More than a few husbands are running in and putting together Chalk Paint 
gift baskets and books and gift certificates for their wives, which is
really cute to see.  Thoughtfulness at this time of year, so nice.
Hope you have all your ducks in a row so you can enjoy 
these last few days.  Hubby and I watched the Michael Buble Christmas
Special and when he sang with Barbra Streisand it was such a treat.
Christmas music always puts me in the mood!  So turn on your 
tunes and mix up some hot cocoa or pour a glass of wine.  
Make sure the candles in the window are on.  This is what I love to 
do and think of past Christmases and special times.  
We have a fun idea of creating a new Christmas memory this
year with our spartan crew....and if we pull it off, I will tell you
all about it!


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