Post Christmas Roundup and a special Family Tradition lives on

Holidays are more special with family traditions.
I think everyone can agree on that.
Sometimes you might not even realize how special 
it is....think of your Christmases and the things you 
have done year after year.  One thing we have done
has happened since I was born....
 Christmas 2014 has officially passed into our family history books.
We welcomed one special new member into our family! You can see
her stocking hanging by the fireplace.  Justin married Madison
this year and so my mom surprised her with one of her hand knit stockings!
That makes it really official, when you get your own stocking! 
 When I was a little girl, my grammy knit everyone a Christmas stocking.
She started a Christmas tradition without really knowing it, and 
thankfully my mom has picked up where Grammy Cullivan left off.
Madion's stocking has a fireplace with a fire and a wreath 
hanging above the mantel.  Mom coordinated it to Justin's blue
snowflake stocking.  I borrowed the newlyweds stockings for this
photo, as they hang their stockings in their own pad.  
When I married Mr. Maison Decor, 
he got a stocking for our first married 
Christmas together as did all the husbands of my sisters. 
 As each child came into the family, so did a Christmas stocking. 
 Such a wonderful thing, these handmade stockings.
My Grammy died when I was about 6 years old, so her
stockings came to an end.  She had made stockings for all of
her grandchildren. My 6 cousins lost all their stockings in an awful
house fire, never to be replaced.  That is so sad, and I know they
miss them terribly.  Made with love, by our grandmother, 
its irreplaceable when gone.  Memories and photographs are all 
you have left.  So that is why I love our stockings so.  It represents
a family's tradition with direct links to generations before us,
that remain forever as reminders of what is important.
And the tradition lives on! With each marriage and birth.
 Madison's stocking has an elaborate pattern of a fireplace.
My son Brandon is out in Los Angeles, and I have his stocking right
here....we once lost a stocking and I fear that ever happening again,
so I will keep it safe and sound in case he ever returns to Boston.
The tiny stocking in the center is the original stocking my Grammy
made for me when I was born.  It has a Christmas tree with tiny seed
pearls and star sequins sewn onto the tree.  I adored this stocking and
loved the little embellishments. One year I came across Rachel Ashwell's
blog showing her collection of Pink Santas.  I was really taken with 
them and I asked my mom if she would knit me a stocking to match 
the ones she knit for my sons and hubby.  I had a special request, could
it be a Pink Santa with angora fur for his beard on a grey ground?
Two years ago my mom knit my Pink Santa stocking.  It hangs
next to my sweetheart's stocking, which she made in celery green.
The inspiration for my stocking was the queen of Shabby Chic.
 This is via Pinterest showing Rachel Ashwells cottage for Christmas.
 Vintage Pink Santas adorn her mantle.  
I never knew there were Pink Santas.
But she started a collection and I think they are very charming.
She even started selling Pink Santa ornaments 
on her  Shabby Chic website....I couldn't resist.
A darling Pink Santa!
I had it delivered to my shop as that is where I usually can be found.
However it was delivered on Christmas Eve day, and I ended up not
going to work that day as I tried to tie up loose ends
 for the big day to come.
I picked it up yesterday at the shop and brought it home.
I hung it up on a small tree I keep year round. 
Our Christmas tree was already dismantled and in the yard!
I admit to taking down our tree the day after Christmas this year,
the urge to purge and clean up was pretty strong.
Oh and one more thing!!
Santa brought an antique mora clock to our house,
and I am so happy he did! 
For some strange reason this lovely antique mora
sat in my shop for two years with no takers.
  Well it was time to take
her home where she could have a new forever home.
And I think she looks just perfect!!
 I hope you and yours had a 
wonderful holiday season, and a good New Year to come.
My head is spinning with all the things I hope to accomplish
in the coming year.  Many exciting things are on the horizon for 
me and my family.  We are grateful for the wonderful things
that happened in 2014, of which there were many.  
I will be back to share those highlights before the calendar
wraps up this busy and blessed year.

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