Small space inspiration: a calm Stockholm pad

It was chaos this morning. We couldn't find anything. Breakfast was eaten on the nursery run. P forgot his laptop (the inaugural first day back after holidays- hooray!). And then it was quiet. There's something wonderful about the calm after the storm, sitting at my desk at home, sipping coffee as I type.  Which is probably why this Stockholm home resonated with me.  It's a mere 30 metre square and yet the owner / designer has succeeded in creating a serene,  uncluttered, light and airy space. It has just the right amount of colour for my taste too - a pop of red in the kitchen, a sunny yellow bag in the hall, and pastel textiles throughout. What a great home to start the week with, don't you think?

Fantastic Frank

I can't imagine a chaotic monday morning in this space can you?!

A few items I know and love: the Milk table lamp, &Tradition Raft stools, Kristina Dam Palm 1 print, La Bruket soaps, converse sneakers. 

If you're after some more small space inspiration, you might want to check out the small space archive for some great tips!  And this book is fab too.

Have a great start to the week! 

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