The fab light-filled studio of Camille Styles

Happy Monday! Is there such a thing?! Well yes, if you work in a space like this. Designed by Claire Zinnecker  for Camille Styles, the studio is filled with natural light, pops of bright colours and lush greenery. There's also plenty of meeting / social spaces where I could see myself drinking tea and chatting - I mean, brainstorming- which include a fab sofa, round Tulip table and grey marble kitchen.  I'm sure I'd look forward to my Monday mornings would be if I worked in this studio, how about you?


Owner: Camille Styles. Designer: Claire Zinnecker. Shared with kind permission from the photographer: Jessica Pages

Is this your kind of work space?

Items I know and love: Eames DSR side chairs, kilim cushions/pillows, rustic wooden stool, Tulip dining table.

A lot of thought has gone into this space. Not only does it look great but everything is designed to stimulate productivity. Take the table -research suggests having items which are curved rather than straight create positive emotions which in turn stimulates creativity. Round tables also encourage people to work together (if ever there was an excuse to invest in a Tulip table).

In turn, research has shown that the presence of greenery can help employees recover from demanding activities, lower stress levels and reduce office pollution levels. Time for a little indoor gardening?!

See more pictures of this fab studio here. I also love this, this and this studio and all of these images for office/atelier/studio inspiration.

I also found this piece interesting about why large open-plan offices are so not cool.

Have a great start to the working week! 

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