A Peek Inside Matthew Mead's Upcycled Style Magazine!

 It is the freshest magazine to hit the news stands in a long time!
Matthew Mead's Upcycled Style
It is packed with all kinds of inspiration that span a lot of interest 
categories like decorating, entertaining, food, DIY, crafting, and more.
That is because this is a Lifestyle magazine written and created by
a man many call the Lifestyle Guru.
He has many creative ideas that he shares in this special edition issue
so let me give you a look inside the pages of 
 Fresh and modern takes on how to refresh your vintage pieces
with paint to give them PIZAZZ!
With a brush or sprayer,  Matthew shows off  new ways to 
upcycle your tired outdoor pieces.  You will be inspired to 
repaint, refresh and restyle your spaces!  As Matthew tells us,
your spaces do not have to be like your neighbor's spaces.
So get out of that cookie cutter world!
He has tons of ideas, of which many are so incredibly simple.
If you feel like you lack that creativity gene, then I think 
you will really appreciate the way this issue is set up.
And for those of us who are always looking for more 
creative ideas, then you are in for a treat!
Matthew takes us inside some beautiful homes 
where we get a first hand look 
at some inspired living spaces.  Real homes of real people, 
like my friend, artist Ellen McHale from Concord, Massachusetts.  
Her home was an example of how one can use pops of color and 
uniquely crafted artwork to make it a standout! 
Ellen is an artist with a playful take on life.  Learn how to use artwork and 
handcrafted items in your own homes like Ellen does to create knockout spaces.
She inspired me to add a more personal touch to my own home after I saw her spaces.
 This issue has so much decorating inspiration~these pillows are so fresh!  
I would love to have a few on my white slipcovered sofa.  
 Party and entertaining ideas that show you how to embellish 
while taking shortcuts for fresh presentations that will leave
 your guests totally impressed!  I need help in this area for sure. 
We all have boxes of old family photos that are just gathering dust
in the attic or back of your closet.  Well no more....you will
see how to use old family photographs in really pretty ways.
I was excited to think of creating some new displays using some
of Matthew's ideas.  You will LOVE this feature.
 I have always relied on magazines for my sources of inspiration.
From my kitchen, to my bedroom and living room to 
my outdoor garden spaces.  A good magazine stays around
in one of my piles at home for constant referral needs.
On occasion I will write a blog post on some of my favorite magazine
issues that you might want to pick up that I found totally inspiring.
We all know there is nothing worse than spending 
hard earned money on a pretty magazine and all you got for it was
 the pretty cover shot with nothing much inside. 
I guarantee you will not be disappointed!
So much so that I have ordered cases of this magazine so I can
sell them in my shop and online as well.  They have sold out 
in all the Barnes and Nobles around our area. Look for this at Walmart,
Publix, and other retailers in your area.  If you are having 
a hard time finding one, you can buy one from me at Maison Decor, in
the shop at 150 Main Street Reading, MA
or from my online shop, which I will link at the end of this post.  
One more exciting thing....
Matthew Mead is giving away two autographed copies on my blog!
To enter to win:
1. leave a comment on this blog post
(make sure I have your email address for contact info).
 2. Visit Matthew Mead's Facebook Page, like his page
 and leave him a note that you saw the magazine feature 
on the Maison Decor blog. Good luck!

Here are the links:
To visit Ellen McHale's art website: Nelleykelley.com


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