A Summer Junking Trip

 In New Hampshire last weekend my husband and I
 had the most fun day I can remember in recent times. 
We started by going to the dump and had plans
 to hit the "swap shop".
 The swap shop is where you can recycle unwanted items 
and let others pick them up~for FREE!

Our heist included:
 A singer sewing machine, a picnic basket, 
antique floral desert plates, 
numerous best sellers, a folding hat rack, 
& 2 mini lantern light fixtures.
 My 8 year old step-son Scott scooped up a 
ton of books and toys and was tickled. 
My 81 year old mother-in-law was overjoyed 
when she found a Belgian waffle iron 
and some ice cream dishes.
Next stop... the Junk Trader!

My husband left the Junk Trader with this beauty of a tool trailer! 
A 2009 model, not a scratch on it!
 Hubby needs this for his excavation business.
 We traded George the Junker our ATV,
 plus our two rototillers, an old snow blower, 
a leaf blower and a garden cart (and some cash).
 Here is a partial delivery in exchange for this trailer.
We were spending the weekend at our lake house. 
Since it is on the market, 
we decided to part with these tools as we won't be 
needing them at our city house. 
A win win situation!
Next stop while driving home with our trailer in tow: 
The Old Deerfield Barn
Hubby on the left...Barn owner on the right, with beer in hand. 2pm.
See that aqua blue box with all the chainsaws on it? 
I am going to buy it for $10!!
You can see the big trunk in the distance.
I am going to get that one too.
Here is the barn owners friend loading it into our trailer. Ya hah.
He told me it was built as a coffin. Interesting.
 I liked it cuz it had a finish of the 
softest shade of aqua blue paint all crackly.

I also scored this huge trunk. $40.
It is all rusty but had pretty strapping details.
 I know exactly what I am planning for this baby.

I also picked up a bucket of 
rusty strap hinges and hardware for $10. 
Great for a future shed or gate.
Hubby got a chain saw and some chains....yawn.
It was so great having this huge trailer
 to put anything you wanted to buy inside!
We were having a ball junking together. 
American Pickers~thats us.
My rusty bucket of hinges. 
And an old Hood Milk Box with lettering and green paint.
We're back at the ranch and hubby is using his 
air compressor to blow the dirt and dust off of my new treasures. 
He is the best!
My stuff! The pretty blue paint finish on the coffin box. Nice.
Checking out the spoils from our trip were Tobey and Scott.
I will admit the Mission Trailer was the score of the day.
The only thing that can add to our day now is a dip in the lake.

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