First appearance as a guest host

I was asked by Cristi at Charm Home to do a guest post for Tuesday's edition. How fun!

I met Cristi through Twitter and have been having a lot of fun tweeting with her
 and her fun friends from Atlanta! 
I discovered Charm Home through our Twitter connection.

One thing I like about Charm Home, 
besides the Atlanta view point on design, 
is how she shares a little bit of her personal life with her hubs Billy. 
They make a very cute couple!
Cristi is as sweet as she is pretty...
no doubt she got her good looks from her mama! 
Check out Cristi's blog for beautiful and functional design advice,
you'll soon be a follower of Charm Home.
 I was thrilled when Cristi asked me to be guest host for her! 
Another first for me in blogworld! 
 Hopefully all of Cristi's readers will enjoy the post that got a lot of positive feedback:

Have a great vacation Cristi ~ xxoo

PS I am on vacation too and had to launch this from a
Kinkos wireless facility with my son's laptop. 
 So i am giving you advance notice,
I had to publish my post the night before!

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