Living a Happy Life

Funky Junk Donna asked us to post "all about me" stories...
not sure if this is ALL about me, 
but here is what I think shaped the person I am today:
I am the oldest sister, one of five kids 
and grew up happily  in the 60s and 70s...
I grew up traveling the world at age 5
 and living overseas because of my dad's job.
Our parents did a great job raising their kids.
We first moved to Brazil.
Our belongings were shipped via freight toys were finally here!
I've also been to the Coliseum in Rome....
and I've been to Tibet...
I lived in Pakistan for 2 years...
where we had elephant rides instead
 of pony rides at our birthday parties
 I also lived in Thailand for 3 years....
and sported a Mia Farrow hair cut. Ugh.
I visited the walled city of Jerusalem...
love those "60's" clothes.
and rode in rickshaws around Cambodian ruins...
I vacationed on the idyllic coast of Thailand.... 
 then finally went home to live in the States 
but toured Europe along the way (Copenhagen)...
Back in the good ol' USA in 1970!
Went to college and studied English and Art..
then married at age 21 
and fulfilled my dream of becoming a mom.
After 20 years my marriage had ended 
and I was embracing turning 40.
 Quite certain I had the happiest years of my life
 ahead of me, I lived my life,
 not waiting, just living.
An independent mother of 3 who was capable of starting over, 
not afraid of making mistakes, 
making a life for myself and my growing sons,
and still believing in the full happiness that was yet to come.
And so it was to be...
In 2007 I married Dave, Mr. Maison Decor. 
This partnership has brought out the best in me. 
I can't say enough about being with someone who "gets you", 
who is kind and generous and secure in themselves 
so that they can be a full and loving partner. 
 I also cannot stress enough that if you have the belief 
that you are going to find yourself in a better place, 
just go forward and believe in that. 
It will happen.
The thing that defines me most is my ability to embrace change.
 Moving around a lot as a young person
 gave me that ability and it is the thing I value most. 
It negates the fear that hinder most of us.
Problem solving, counselling, mothering, leading, partnering 
and home making are my other assets. 
My job doesn't enter the equation when I define myself, 
so I haven't put that into this essay.
 Although true to admit
 I am good at what I do and 
that I get pleasure from my job as a designer.
 I consider myself lucky to have been able to trust myself
 to go in the direction that gave me the biggest payoff~
living a happy life. 

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