Vintage Linen Tablecloth Drapes

 Another grey day in Boston had me taking down my pink drapes.
I added a mismatched pair of linen embroidered tablecloths to 
each of  the existing fleur~de~lis sheer linen panels.
 Each panel is a little bit different in pattern. 
They hang beautifully and have a shabby look.
Why hide them in a drawer?
 These tablecloths were purchased by mom when we lived overseas in the '60s.
I think they are from Hong Kong and the detailed handwork is incredible.
This right hand cloth has an ivy pattern with tiny cutwork.
 The left panel has large roses with tiny cutwork.
We ate many dinners on these fancy tablecloths and I still use them for our special occasions.
I attach the ring clip to the edge of the panel and let it hang.
It is as simple as that. No hemming, no ironing, no sewing.
 Switching things around to lighten the grey days....
 Still snow on the ground but it is raining now and will be for the next day.
Clip the tablecloth onto the drapery rings and voila!
Embroidered linen drapery panels with an interesting past.
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