French Impressions

 A darling child sized french chair in a sky blue check
Added to a living room setting with a sumptuous overstuffed settee
Through the marble archway a peek of a pink chair 
leads to her special makeup table
 Brown silk skirted table is tucked into a marble alcove
 This elegant bath has beautiful wallpaper in a french classical pattern in metallic on taupe 
 How about finishing your laundry in here with a pressing machine and pretty baskets for sorting?
A chandelier hangs from a pink wallpapered ceiling 
and the baskets are lined in pink fabric with a lace overlay.
4 pampered granddaughters get tucked into their canopy beds at night,
 with each duvet monogram claiming the sleeper.
A beautiful lace curtain stands out against grey woodwork
The lady of the house works in this home office with 
silver desks, lavender walls, frisse rug, 
and a show stopping roman shade.
A zinc garden table and chairs is perfect for a quick lunch, right in the office!
The roman shade with chandelier motif is 
edged in Swarvoski crystals in a whimsical play on the subject.
Limestone and parquet floors and  fabulous silk draperies.
Check out the ruffled detail of this drapery panel~so inspiring!
I want to copy this someday...somewhere....
How about this kitchen backsplash?
I believe it is stone, but all of you DIY 
chalkboard paint lovers could take this idea into your own kitchens.
My latest aquisition from is this book:
French Impressions by Betty Lou Phillips.
 Page after page of inspiring ideas can be found. 
I have several of her books, all written with the same topic.
She is a Texan that is obsessed with French design, and I am glad she is.
If you love all things french, consider adding this to your book collection.

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