Sunshine and pom poms

 Happy to report the sun is brightly shining in Boston this morning.
Hubby's excavator waits patiently outside for spring. 
Imagine a french door right where that window is...
that is my spring time plan anyway.
And I'm still waiting for my frenchy wallpaper to do my cabinet interior.
I did pick up a paint brush and paint my first painting since 5th grade.....
Getting through this long winter seems harder this year.

I've got gardens and trellises on the brain.
I whipped up a little curtain for the powder room in my shabby chic fabric.

Edged it all in happy little cotton balls....pom pom fringe to be exact!
A sweet rosette
This is a glimpse of another makeover project. Paint and beadboard are involved and I'll be sharing that as soon as I finish it.
On another note Blogger has been acting very weird with running lots of blog posts with signatures instead of images, or no images at all on blog rolls....have you noticed? It is driving me crazy and I wish Blogger would fix this issue. I love looking at the little thumbnails on my sidebar and instead there is only text for the most part. 
For now, I am enjoying the sunshine and waiting for spring and the mailman!
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