Happy Hallway

Our hallway from the front door to the kitchen
got some green and pink doors on the coat closet.
A bit of gingerbread in this little spot.
It is very cheerful.
You probably think it is weird,
but it is only paint~have some fun!
This was a spur of the moment decision,
painting the doors green. 
I wanted to paint my back hall door green
but remembered that Dillon jumps on it when the mailman comes
and it would get all scratched up in short order.
After I did the closet doors I decided it needed a dash of pink.
Makes for a happy hallway anyway.
Command central faces the happy doors.
Keys, calendars, chalkboard for quick reminders and a clock
are gathered together on the wall.
Along with a few signs I had at our old lake house,
which we sold last fall.
There is no LAKE out this front door. :-(
 Farmhouse style, this window mirror gives this space a little depth. 
This hallway leads to the kitchen which connects our dining room. 
This looks from the dining room into the kitchen. 
(That is the door way down there I wanted to paint.)
Here is my Boos butcher block island I adore.
It is the workhorse of our kitchen.
A parade of pink and green hooked rugs takes you back to the front door.
Next to the front door is our leash for walking Dillon.
Tobey doesn't need a leash because he always sticks around.
I moved my artwork over here~
the gift I got from Cindy the artist, and the new Canvas Print I ordered.
My NH friend Judy gave me that linen pillow.
Pink and Green.
Good for spring and summertime.
We use the binoculars for spotting hawks.
Back in the mostly white living room Dillon lounges on my ruffles.
While I am running around taking pics for the blog, 
 Tobey follows me wherever I go, but not Dillon.
He knows I am blogging.
Tobey gets all nervous wondering what the heck is going on.
I just had to take this picture even though this is about the hallway.
He is one laid back dog.
I guess he is loving the ruffles too.

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