Kitchen console table

 This is a hallway that is kind of in the kitchen. 
I put a white table here and a mirror window.
It is a good place to keep a lot of my floral china vases and platters.
I was busy working on the kitchen cabinets so this space escaped my attention.
A lot of bloggers commented on my pink bowl. 
It is one of my favorites and I guess you could say the bowl inspired what came next.
 I added a clock at the top and oval floral platters around the mirror.
 The lampshades got switched out to pink toile.
I found these in the baby department at Home Goods a few years ago.
I keep a lot of different lampshades in my workroom so I can 
change the mood of my sconces or chandeliers.
The clock was originally black and that got a pink paint and dark wax finish.
 But not before the clock was painted with Louis blue chalk.
 However,  the clock said "paint me pink". 
And the clock was right~pink was the correct color.
Some other smalls went on the "window shelf".
A lettuce leaf head sits in a pink depression cup next to chintzware and transferware.
The hammer and nails have been put away~for now.

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