The whitening of a room

My living room today. 
Warm grey walls, white slipped furniture, pastel colors as accents.
This room has been through some drastic changes.
I laughed when I saw all the things I have done in this space.
Sometimes it just takes awhile to get things right.
Originally the room had a gold and pink palette
with vanilla yellow walls and wood furniture.
The room was like this for a few years.
And then.... I fell in love with this rug from Company C.
I jumped right into trying
a bright color scheme. But this rug didn't feel right with all the browns in the room.
 It was overpowering and busy.
Looking at this picture today, 
I can barely remember the room feeling or looking like this.
I still thought I wanted a fresher color scheme 
so I changed the pale yellow wall color to a brighter yellow.
 I hung up cheerful yellow london shades and toned down the rug.
The first bit of white gets added 
when I switched the sofa for this slipcovered one.
Still felt too bright and busy~so I took down the yellow curtains
and got rid of the black needlepoint rug in favor of a pastel hooked one.
A carved element was added to the fireplace wall and the room 
started taking on the look I was going for.
Greige paint on the walls was what happened next.
Ben Moore #1515 Natural Elements is the color.
This was a big transformation in the overall feel of the room.
The pale grey color lets white pop out, 
yet keeps the room warm and not sterile.
Suddenly the room was serene.
I played around with draperies for a while, 
adding pink silk panels here. 
The bookcase interiors got a pink paint job.
I  quickly tired of the pink drapes.
I love pink but I learned
pink has to be in small doses for me.
So down came the drapes....
White cotton smocked panels had an airiness that I craved.
Most of the wood furniture had been painted.
This room was really feeling right.
The original wood coffee table got a stenciled paint job
 that landed it an invitation to regain its original spot.
That is how this room evolved....
filled with white and pastels that feel so right.

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