Mothers Day

Wishing all the moms out there a very Happy Mothers Day!
I am having my mom and some of my siblings over.
We will have shrimp bruschetta and it will be served buffet style.
I love serving  things buffet style, which allows people to eat at a more
leisurely pace and help themselves.
Arnold Palmers will be served from this station.
Yummy Arnold Palmers are half lemonade and half ice tea.
You can have them virgin style or add a splash of  vodka.
The table is getting prepped...
All the food will be served here with the utensils, plates and napkins.
I keep adding things to the table as I think of it.
New in the room is that big fern.
I had it outside on the porch...
but realized it has to be out of direct sunlight...
so it sits in here for now.
There is something timeless and graceful about a fern.
I clipped some white lilacs too...
They have a heavenly scent.
Did you see I plopped the big tissue flower in the chandy?
Its fresh and fun.
Every mothers day I really look forward 
to getting cards from my 3 sons.
This year they won't be coming home as one is in college having finals,
and the other two work on Sundays.
So the cards were extra special to me this year.
The first thing I did today was make coffee and then open my cards.
I smiled when I saw that Justin wrote "my mom" under my name.
The little touches they add touch my heart.
This daisy is just the sweetest thing that Brandon stuck to the envelope.

Colin's card ~ a hammer, a spatula and a garden tool.
All in a pretty pink apron~
yup, thats me!
Being a mom who is loved has to be one of the greatest things.

And having my own mom to celebrate
  Mothers Day  with
is right up there too!
I love you mom!

Ellen, Mom , Amy  Mothers Day 2011

Our Family Gathering
Dave, Amy, Ellen, Mom, Brian, Dad and Tobey 2011
(Photo by Ellen's hub Mike)

Happy Mothers Day

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