A Sentimental Moment with Art

 The large glycee of heirloom type plants in containers 
caught my eye about 20 years ago 
in a store called The Country Life on Marthas Vineyard.
 I still like it and recently it found its way
to my mantle, resting in front of the carved frieze.
 Then yesterday  when I walked by my original
oil painting by Cindy Austin, I impulsively took it off the wall 
(as I often do when I move things here and there)
and layered the small painting in front of the big Hollyhock painting.
I popped one of my tole candlesticks up there too, 
gave it a thumbs up glance
and then went off to attend to my daily business.
The rest of the day the two paintings 
spent alone with no one paying attention. 
Last night as I was waiting for Mr. Maison Decor, 
I  happily turned on the new chandy and my sconces
 and sat in the quiet space enjoying the room.
That is when I noticed how nice the two paintings looked together. 
I was having a moment, loving the artwork 
and all that artwork brings. 
How nice it was that Cindy Austin sent me this painting
 as a gift of friendship discovered through blogging. 
How nice it was that I was able to enjoy summers
 on Martha's Vineyard and have this Hollyhock painting as a reminder.
I am enjoying this artwork, and last night it looked so pretty  
illuminated by antique sconces and candle light.
It was a sentimental moment and that is what I think good art brings to life.

To view Cindy's artwork: 

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