Antique Purple Turkey Platter!

For years I have been on the hunt for a purple transferware
Turkey platter.  I collect that color transferware and over
the years I have been finding various pieces at Brimfield,
auctions, eBay as well as buying from Nancy Roberts.
Nancy has the biggest collection of transferware for sale
in the world!  She kept me in mind and when she found 
this large purple Royal Staffordshire platter she sent me 
a message.  Was I interested?  You bet!
It set off a chain reaction where I did the entire dining room over!
Last time I posted I showed off my dining room, and it looked like this.
 I decided I wanted to hang more of my purple collection on the walls in this room.
So out went the gold mirror and the blue opaline chandelier. The bright aqua blue didn't
look right with the strong purple colors.  Enter my fabulous empire basket chandelier!
I bought this at auction over a year ago, and its just been hanging in my shop with a 
Not for Sale tag.  The clear crystal chandelier would look nice with the purple.
So out with the mirror and blue chandy, and in 
with plates and the French chandelier!
We switched the table position too to 
accommodate something else.
The French settee I picked up from designer Matthew Mead!
We used it at Justin and Madison's wedding, 
but it was intended to end up somewhere 
in our house. It was either going to be in the dining room, 
or as a fancy piano bench in the living room.
I dry brushed Old White Chalk Paint across the cane as
it was too dark for my liking. No wax, just the paint,
and it was dry in a nano second and ready to put in position.
This is how the room looks today. 
               I still have to do a few more things,
but the essentials are in place and I feel like I have a new room!
Don't you love changing things up once in a while?
 I even got a little crafty and 
potted a faux lavender we sell in our shop
into one of these teacups.
After I bought the turkey platter, I got a message from a FB
friend telling me she had a set of her mother's Wedgewood
china in purple and white and was I interested....
of course I was! I now have two sets of 8 in different patterns,
but enough purple and white transferware to host a big dinner.
Sometimes one new thing can be a catalyst for an entire room
to be switched around.  Today Mr. Maison Decor will be 
hanging up the blue opaline chandelier in another room.
We also are trying to take our family Christmas card photo 
and get all the dogs in it with us this time round.
Hope you have a nice Sunday!
To shop at Nancy's Daily Dish and hunt down
your own turkey platter, click here.
 For more history on Turkey Platters this is 
a very interesting post on the background.
You will even spy my own turkey platter!


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