Holiday Workshops!

Pinch me! 
I am taking a day to myself to go to a Holiday Workshop
offered by designer/stylist/photographer Matthew Mead!
I saw a notice posted on Facebook from this fab style guy
who was opening up his studio to do intimate workshops.
How exciting!
The workshops will be holiday decor classes with Matthew
and his wife Jenny.  Wreath making, centerpieces and adorable
one of a kind dioramas are on the menu!
 There are several workshops to choose from~
I am attending on December 6th and will be making
a wreath similar to the one shown above.  
Very Williamsburg-esque, don't you think? 
 I love the idea of naturals in holiday decor,
and am excited to produce a wreath like this one.
 Oh, and if you have seen the December issue 
of Better Homes and Gardens, this cover
was produced and styled by Matthew! 
 This is the diorama offered in one of the workshops.
You get to put in elements of your own choosing, 
but how amazing is this?  You can create
one to take home, 
and Matthew will even photograph your work. 
 He is a professional photographer
and his images are iconic.  
This diorama was created by one of the ladies 
that attended last weekend's workshop,
and was photographed by Matthew Mead.  Its a forever keepsake. 
 I would make several of these and hang them in tiers from
 my kitchen window as a charming winter/holiday decoration.  
 You can also choose to make a holiday centerpiece. 
 Matthew demonstrated how to create
this arrangement for the students last week.  
Its elegant and natural and simply gorgeous!
 To get more inspiration if you cannot attend one 
of his amazing workshops, check out this images.
Plenty of natural greens and simple touches can 
give your home a look of style and elegance at Christmas.  
How can one get tired of this?
 More simple yet beautiful ways to decorate~stacked compotes 
or cake trays with apples, pears, pomegranates and
 tiny floral arrangements in white and green all spell Holiday Magic!!
 This purple vignette would be 
perfect for my dining room! 
I need a small tabletop tree and some glass balls in purple. 
How easy and yet so sophisticated!
For many its the red and the green that are their go to colors.
 When you use natural elements like nuts and florals and 
simple greenery you can get a beautiful look with
 a timeless feel for your holiday decor.
So think "natural" and get the Matthew Mead look
this holiday season.  If you are lucky like me you 
can sign up for a workshop and get hands on design
training with the master himself!  He cooks up little
savory treats and does demos and trades stories all the 
while you get to create your own masterpiece!
I am the one usually teaching the workshops, so this
is going to be such a treat for me.  Hope you can join me
or Matthew in one of his holiday workshops.
You know if I hear of a good thing, I am going to 
share it! So here is your holiday fun idea:
look at the list and pick the one that works for you
and get in the holiday mood!!
If anyone wants to ride up with me for the 
December 6th workshop I have two spots in my
car if you need a lift!
Just send me an email at
and we can coordinate.

For more Matthew Mead inspiration, 
check out his Facebook page here and his blog here.

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